Core Values of a Team

team pulling together
A Team Pulls Together (image courtesy of: toffehoff)

One thing that I’ve found the best organizations in the world do: They treat their employees as part of the team.

In my reading and personal experience, there are five core values of teamwork. These core values, when implemented correctly, help build a great organization that can handle just about anything.

Five Core Values of a Team

  1. Celebrate when you’re successful.
  2. Work together when you aren’t.
  3. There’s no “waiting on….”.  Instead just do it.
  4. Everyone helps solve the problem.
  5. Everyone takes ownership.

Implementing these core values takes more than the right vocabulary. You need to practice and show it daily.  I’m thankful. I work at a company where we do this. Instead of just being an employee, I’m also team member.

Together, the team decides the future of our company.

After working in an environment where the team is actively embraced (twice!), I’m never going back to a different way of working. Life is too short to work anywhere else.

The great news is that, even if your company doesn’t do a good job implementing core values of a team, you’re not stuck. It’s always possible to decide your future.

Let me know what you think!