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I have learned lots from other people, books, blogs, and tools along the way.

Blogs and Articles

Vocation vs. Career vs. Job

Years ago, I stumbled across this great article series at the Art of Manliness that did a great job summarizing the difference between a vocation, a career, and a job. If you want to get a good feel for the differences between Job, Career, and Vocation, check out the articles below.

Finding Your Calling Part I: What Is a Vocation?
Finding Your Calling Part II: The Myths and Realities of Vocation
Finding Your Calling Part III: Why Pursue a Vocation?
Finding Your Calling Part IV: Discovering Your Vocation
Finding Your Calling Part V: Obstacles to Embracing Your Vocation

Just Cool Information

If you enjoy science-based answers to questions about how to improve your life, check out Eric’s blog, Barking up the Wrong Tree. Every week he sends out a great article backed by scientific research on fun, interesting topics.


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