5 Productivity Tips from Waffle House

This morning, I had breakfast with a friend at a local Waffle House restaurant.  The Waffle House is a chain of small restaurants that do a relatively high volume of business.  The stores are open 24/7 and generally have low- or minimum-wage employees. It’s amazing the productivity tips you can find if you just watch.

Waffle House Logo

The short-order chef who was working at the Waffle House this morning was hustling.  He had three or four orders going at any one time and was able to keep track of each order.  He kept track of all the items on the grills, waffle irons, and toasters at the same time.  It was amazing to watch.

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I’ve Got Your Back (Book Review)

I've Got Your Back-A Leadership Parable (Book Cover)
I’ve Got Your Back-A Leadership Parable (Book Cover)

I recently finished reading I’ve got your Back: A Leadership Parable by James C. Galvin. The book is a great read for people who want a jumpstart into leadership: it explains the basics of leadership and provides doable steps for learning to become a leader. It also provides useful insights to different real-life scenarios. Finally, it helps readers who might have experienced ‘follower-abuse’.

There are three main sections in the book.

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Steps for Clear Communication

It’s always important to have clear communication. In any written communication, whether personal or professional, I have learned to take three steps before I’m done. These three steps help make sure that I communicate both clearly and effectively. They also enhance my writing skills and help me find my mistakes. Continue reading “Steps for Clear Communication”

Core Values of a Team

team pulling together
A Team Pulls Together (image courtesy of: toffehoff)

One thing that I’ve found the best organizations in the world do: They treat their employees as part of the team.

In my reading and personal experience, there are five core values of teamwork. Continue reading “Core Values of a Team”