Interests (Keeping Life Fun)

The Importance of Interests

What are you passionate about when you’re not working? What are your hobbies? Most jobs and careers are not industry-specific. How can you mix your experience (what you know) with your interests or hobbies (what you enjoy)?

Defining your interests will help you determine industries you should explore when thinking about your next job or career.  Continue reading “Interests (Keeping Life Fun)”

How to Respond to a Crisis

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We all experience crisis in our lives.

We can’t control who (or what) causes a crisis. It doesn’t even matter who is responsible. We don’t control those.

There is one thing that we can control: How we respond. Continue reading “How to Respond to a Crisis”

Discover your Passion

Discover Your PassionHow you Discover your Passion

What processes can you use to determine those things that drive you each and every day? The best tool I’ve found to help discover your passion is to ask (and answer!) questions. Before we get to the questions, let’s define what your passion is (and isn’t!) Continue reading “Discover your Passion”

Decide your Future

AgencyWhen I was working at MediaComplete, I was an employee. It sometimes felt like I didn’t have any control over my choices or my future.

Today, I do. I am still an employee but I decide my future.

Determining your future starts (and ends) with one simple truth:

No matter where you work, what you do, or where you are: you can choose.

We call the capacity to make choices agency. Everyone has it. Not everyone recognizes that they do. You begin to decide your future when you begin recognizing that you have agency, even when it feels like you don’t.

Continue reading “Decide your Future”

Discover Your Skills and Abilities

Discover Your Skills and Abilities
Discover Your Skills and Abilities

How do you discover your skills and abilities?

When I lost my job in 2013, I was clueless. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. I started by updating my résumé with my latest skills and abilities. It’s what most people do. It was a start. Over the next six months, I discovered what was missing. 
Continue reading “Discover Your Skills and Abilities”