One Piece of Advice

8fd8e4964c27b8768e1ae0f00b65c5b7This morning, I was given a “Remember This Day” reminder from Google Photos… from 4 years ago.

4 years ago, I was in Liviv, Ukraine working with a team of developers working on MediaShout. It was lots of fun. I loved working with (and in!) a foreign culture for the few weeks while I was there.

Since then, I lost my job at MediaComplete and found another working at Acklen Avenue. I have moved on to new opportunities and greater responsibility. I enjoy what I’m doing now more than the amazing time I had back then!

Back then, I had no idea what adventures, opportunities, gains and losses I’d experience over the next four years. Life is like a box of chocolates. You don’t know what curveballs it’s going to throw you. The good news is, regardless of what you ‘get’, it’s what you make of it that’s important.

My One Piece of Advice

Never Stop Learning

  • Lose your Job? – Keep adding value to the people around you. Learn from them and invest in them. You’ll find another way to serve others and make money.
  • Become Bored? – Find a new Passion. Go to the Library! Read! Listen to Podcasts! Life is too short to waste it!
  • Get Hired? – Remember what got you here! (It was probably serving other people!) Keep doing it!
  • Connect with Others! – You’ll learn the most by interacting with the people around you.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without having grown and learned from each mistake and opportunity I’ve been given. Here’s to the next four years of my life!


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