I’ve Got Your Back (Book Review)

I've Got Your Back-A Leadership Parable (Book Cover)
I’ve Got Your Back-A Leadership Parable (Book Cover)

I recently finished reading I’ve got your Back: A Leadership Parable by James C. Galvin. The book is a great read for people who want a jumpstart into leadership: it explains the basics of leadership and provides doable steps for learning to become a leader. It also provides useful insights to different real-life scenarios. Finally, it helps readers who might have experienced ‘follower-abuse’.

There are three main sections in the book.

The first section is a fictional story of four friends who embark on a quest to figure out how to deal with bad leaders in their lives.  The second part is “A Concise Theology of Leadership and Followership”.  Finally, at the end of the book has discussion questions for eight small group sessions.

I enjoyed the theology section of the book the most.  The section starts with a biblical history of leadership and then goes on to the premise of the book: The essence of leadership is helping people follow well. Using this premise, it then outlines three different types of following (God, Authority, People) and five different levels of follower engagement. The theology section also provides some great charts showing how the types and levels interact.  Finally, the book discusses a REAL follower: Responsible, Ethical, Authentic, and Loving.

This book is a great primer. For people who want an introduction to leadership, I’d recommend reading the parable first.  For those who need to review the basics, skip the parable and go directly to the theology section.  Either way, the book provides some useful insights worth sharing.

Let me know what you think!