Interests (Keeping Life Fun)

The Importance of Interests

What are you passionate about when you’re not working? What are your hobbies? Most jobs and careers are not industry-specific. How can you mix your experience (what you know) with your interests or hobbies (what you enjoy)?

Defining your interests will help you determine industries you should explore when thinking about your next job or career. 

Types of Motivation

In Discover your Passion, I differentiated between passions and interests. These are two different types of motivators, each has a key place in helping you define yourself and discover what you want to be doing.

  • Passions are intrinsic motivators
  • In-trin-sic (adj): Belonging naturally, essential.
  • Interests are extrinsic motivators
  • Ex-trin-sic (adj): Not part of the essential nature of someone or something; coming or operating from outside.

What are your hobbies? These are the extrinsic motivators you want to define. If you need a list to get started, check out the list at


Once you have your list of hobbies, begin to think about companies and industries that are affiliated with them. Your skills are most likely needed in that industry!

Know Accounting and like Football? Someone’s got to keep the books for the NFL! Why not you?

Job Listing at the NFL
NFL is hiring Accountants! (3/5/2016)

What about Project Management and Space? Virgin Galactic needs a Project Manager!

Job listing for Virgin Galactic
Virgin Galactic is hiring for a Project Manager! (3/5/2016)

Have skills in Information Technology but have an interest in Movies? Ever thought about getting a job at a Movie Studio? Warner Brothers is hiring!

Job Listings at Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers has 20 IT openings! (3/5/16)

Interests Keep Life Fun

If you can find a way to combine your interests and your skills, your life will be more fun. Mixing your skills (what you’ve learned), your interests (what you enjoy) and your passions (what drives you) allows you to stay motivated even when you’re in the middle of the grind.

Remember: You may not enjoy every part of your job, but you should enjoy most of it!


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